Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation
Russian Academy of Sciences
( founded in 1939 )
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Some publications
  • Ivanov E.V.
    Two system of large-scale organization of solar activity and their relation to quasi-biennial oscillations and oscillations with a period of 5-6 rotations in the Sun

    Solar Terrestrial Energy Program, The Initial Results from STEP Facilities and Theory Campaigns, Proceedings of the 1992 STEP Symposium/5th COSPAR Colloquium held in Laurel, Meryland, U.S.A., 24-28 August 1992, Eds: D.N. Baker, V.O. Papitashvili and M.J. Teague, 1994, Pergamon, COSPAR Colloquia Series, 5, pp. 133-138
  • Ivanov E.V.
    Large-scale organization of solar magnetic fields

    Izv. RAN, 1995, 59, N 7, pp. 29-42 (in Russian). (Ivanov E.V. Large-scale structure of solar magnetic fields, Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Physics, 1995, Vol. 59, No 7, pp. 1133-1145)
  • Ivanov E.V., V.N. Obridko, I.V. Ananyev
    Variations of solar irradiance, 10.7 cm radio flux, he i 10830a equivalent width, and global magnetic field intensity and their relation to large-scale solar magnetic field structure

    Solar. Phys., 1998, V.177, pp. 217-228
  • Ivanov E.V.
    Where are sunspots generated?

    in press
  • Ivanov E.V.
    Active Longitudes: Dynamics and Origin

    in press